I posted this on Twitter, and before y’all start bitching about Wilmer and Natalie again, read this and don’t embarrass yourself. 

“The right thing isn’t always real obvious. Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else. So…good luck figuring that out.”

Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

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I'm so lost can you please explain the wilmer Natalie and demi drama I know she got fired but has more happened since then?


Yes, and first of all if you believe in that you need to be transported to rehab as soon as possible because you’re on some serious drugs.

Second, nothing happened. 

Blind gossip, I repeat, BLIND GOSSIP wrote that ”pop star’s” assistant sexted her boyfriend, and that’s why she was fired. And yesterday Wilmer commented on Natalie’s IG post and wrote something about ”riding dirty” and Natalie responded with ”that’s how they usually catch me, riding dirty” None of you uneducated little fucks didn’t bother and check what that slang actually means. To prove that we’re the most childish and embarrassing fandom, y’all took it on a sexual way and brought the cheating rumors back. And if you don’t know what that slang means, it means driving without a licence or with expired tags.  

Dilmer is finally going public and some of you act like 5 year old kids, waiting for them to ”break up” I mean, tf, why are you so pressed because she has no feelings for Nick Jonas? Or Niall? 
And Demi was ALREADY having a bad day, pray to God she didn’t see this drama.

There you go. :) 

  • Interviewer: Was your boyfriend mad by the way? (About the proposal she received from a 5 year old)
  • Demi: Um, what are you talking about?
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Not sharing visit time anymore

It’s been a while since I wrote the last drabble. So I decided to write something, since I had time. It’s not anything new, that I haven’t written about before. But I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for any mistake. English is not my native language.

Wilmer’s POV

I’d just left the Hispanic Choice Awards. I was still in awe for what happened in there. I couldn’t believe yet that I got the award for Living Legend. I was also honored by the major of the city. I just can’t believe my life turned around to this. It’s such a thing that if someone had told me some years ago, I would probably laugh at them. My life was a mess. I was totally lost. And now here I’m living the life that I should’ve been living since the beginning. But I’m happy I’ve found the right way in time. And I will never be thankful enough for the woman who helped me get here.

I arrived at my hotel room, and packed my suitcase. Even though I didn’t even spend a whole day in Philly, I brought a lot of clothes, because I knew I wouldn’t go back home so soon. I had others plans after the award show. And one of the plans was going after my girl.

She was an hour and a half away from me by plane. So I bought an airline ticket for the first flight to Chicago.

It makes me so happy to see how far we have come. I look back and remember when I used to take a red fight every Friday night to see her and spend the weekend with her on rehab. And now I’m going to spend days with her on her world tour, and we are in the best time of our lives. It makes so proud of her. I knew she could handle everything she did. She believed in me, when I told her that one day we were going to come to Chicago, but not to spend the day sharing visit times with her parents at rehab. She is my strong angel.

I had just two hours left. So I took a quick shower and called a taxi, whose driver drove me to the airport.

After some minutes I had called Holly asking her which hotel Demi was hosted, my flight took off. I couldn’t wait to see my girl.


I finally arrived there. My heart was beating faster than normal. I knew it was because of the woman who stole it. I didn’t see her for some days, but it looked like months, years…I can’t stand being away from her for so long. I just can’t.

Since I called Holly telling her I was going to surprise Demi, she asked Sugar to take me at the airport. Of course, not letting Demi knows anything about it. I took my suitcases, and he was waiting for me at the landing room.

“Hey, Sugar!” I greeted him. “Hey, Wilmer! How are you?” He asked me while we made our away towards the car. It wasn’t so far, so we got into in a few seconds. “I’m fine. Just a little tired because of the flights. But it’s okay. And of course, I miss my girl.” I said while he started the car. “And she misses you a lot. She just can’t stop talking about how much she wanted you were with her.” I giggled hearing that. “Now she has.” She misses me as much as I do.


We arrived at the hotel and I took my suitcases from the trunk. I took the lift towards the seventh floor, where it was Demi’s room. I was so happy I was finally going to hug her, be with her, and not just talking through cell phone, facetime, or whatever it is. Nothing compares to have her in my embrace.

I knocked the door and nothing. I knew she was probably complaining that someone was knocking at the door and she didn’t want to open it. She wasn’t even waiting for someone so… I know my girl. I knocked again, but this time, letting her know who was at the other side of the door. “Nena…” Immediately, I heard footsteps coming toward the door. And finally the door was opened, reveling a surprised Demi.

“Wilmer?” She asked still not believing I was right in front of her. “Hi, baby.” I said smiling at her. Oh God. I missed her so much. “Babbyyyy!!!” She jumped on me, hugging me tightly and I did the same, taking her off from the floor. “I missed you so much, Demi.” I whispered on her ear. “I missed you too, baby.” She said leaving a sweet kiss on my cheek. I pulled her on the floor and I stayed there just looking at the beautiful face of hers. Her smile was the light into my world. “I didn’t know you were coming. I’m so happy right now.”

Suddenly, I felt her lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist getting her as close as possible to my body. We shared a passionate kiss. I missed the feeling of my lips on hers. The way our tongues fight against each other. I love everything about her. And not being able to be with her 24/7 breaks my heart. But it’s on moments like this, after long days away, and finally meeting, that shows how much we love each other. It’s not like any other romance, just dating. It’s our romance; our story of love that I know will last for a long and long time.

Even when we die, we will love each other. And our love will still be shining in this world, because I know we are going to have many kids. And I can’t wait for us to marry, living together as husband and wife, and having kids running, screaming and crying around the house. That’s something it’s really on my plans, and I hope we can make it come true as soon as possible. Maybe it’s closer than we have ever thought…


So many recent pictures of Demi and Wilmer together.. Oh look how far we’ve come