Demi Lovato performs at the Live Nation Concert Series at Harry Bridges Memorial Park on July 21, 2014

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OMG they has sensual kisses omggggg I am dead, please please please describe in details the sensual kisses, I wanted so badly to be there you r SO LUCKYYY


Haha me too love me too. I just described them! LOL I can’t really tell you anything more in detail like who shifted slightly to the left and who sighed and who squeezed the other tighter because I wasn’t the one doing the kissing lol. The only detail I can really add is that Demi tilted her head to the left cause I remember I could see her face.

"We’ll be seeing a lot more of these girls in the future."

——-Congratulations on 2 Years Together 5H!——

Shut down the internet, they don’t even understand. 

Demi Lovato - 'Selfie' updates