can you please write one about demi and wilmer at Demi's surprise birthday party, and Wilmer playing with Demi's family and demi getting jealous bc she wants his attention and cuteness please (make it long if you can)

i posted one about demi’s suprise bday. but i can do another writing about what you are requesting. :)

Demi Lovato on Blue Peter

Demi Lovato photographed by Diana Gomez for YOU Magazine

Demi Lovato:
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They need to know

I’m in love with this drabble, and I hope you like it as much as I do. Thank you so much for reading.

I’m living the best moment of my life right now. I can not believe that’s really happening. It’s too good to be true, but it’s. It is my future right inside of me. “How are my girls feeling?” Wilmer arrived from work and kissed my baby bump. I was already five months of pregnancy, and I was still asking myself if I wasn’t dreaming.

When I found out, I was in the middle of my tour of my fifth album. And everything was amazing. My life was great. I got married during my two months of vacation before release the album, and then I started promoting it. After two months I got on the road with my band. And it was just four shows away from the end of the tour, when I bought the pregnancy test and it told me my dream was going to come true in nine months.

At first I got scared as hell, but Wilmer calmed me down. And we were already trying to get pregnant, so it wasn’t like we didn’t wait for. It’s my dream since I was a kid, and realize it’s finally here, coming true inside of me…it makes me cry of happiness.

I’ve been away from spotlights for three months. I told my fans I was going to take a break, to enjoy myself, my husband…but I didn’t tell the real reason. I wasn’t ready yet to tell the whole world I’m expecting my first baby. It’s not something I’m used to share about.

I keep talking to my fans through social media and these stuffs. I don’t want them to think I disappeared from the map. I’m still alive, and happy. I’ve never been so happy. I don’t go outside for the last month and an half, when  my baby bump was already showing up. Or I told the world about the baby, or I kept to myself and family and tried to do this later. Of course I preferred to wait.

But since the beginning I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait forever. I couldn’t hide myself from the world inside our house. I needed to go outside, buy the things my baby was going to need. So yes. I needed to tell my fans and media.

“Wilmer?” I broke the silence between us while he caressed my baby bump. “I think it’s time to tell them.” I said and he looked up at me. “Are you sure?” I nodded. “So let’s do this. I’m here by your side, always!” I smiled at his words. “I know it’s going to be crazy now, probably paparazzi will be running after us, but don’t care about it, okay? I will protect you from them. I will never let anyone hurt my princesses.” And he kissed my belly for the hundredth time on that day.

“Can you take my phone?” I asked him and he handed my phone that was on the table between the couch and the TV. “Thanks.” I took it in my hands and took a deep breathe. I opened the “Twitter” app and kept looking at the screen. I needed to make that moment an important one. I couldn’t just tell them. I needed to use beautiful words.

“Hey guys! I have an important thing to tell you tonight.” I tweeted, but then remembered they could think I was going to come back to the spotlight. “And to not let you create hopes…it’s not something about my career. Actually it’s about my personal life.” I looked at Wilmer who was just making me feel comfortable while I cuddled onto his chest and reveled to the world our little secret.

“Everybody knows I took a break from work three months ago, some months after the end of the tour. I told you that was because I wanted to take time off just to enjoy myself and Wilmer. But actually it wasn’t just that. Be away from the media wasn’t the main reason.” I could see them freaking out, wanting to know what I was telling about. “The main reason was because I found out one of my dreams was going to come true. My future was going to change. And I was really happy about it. I’ve had been waiting for this moment since I was a little kid.” That was going to be hard. “I’m living the best moment of my life, and I think it’s time for you guys know the secret Wilmer and I have been hiding for some months.” And it’s now. Now or never. “We are expecting our first child. Yes, guys. I read some tweets from you, and you were right. I’m pregnant of my first baby.” They were freaking out. And for my happiness, most of them were happy for me. When I realized tears were falling down my face.

“Shh…Baby, why are you crying?” Wilmer asked wiping away my tears with his thumb. “Nothing…I’m just so happy…and these hormones.” Always these fucking hormones.

“We already know the gender of our baby. It will be a little girl, Isabella. We can’t wait to welcome her to this world in four months. I hope you guys help us to welcome our little princess.” I smiled at Wilmer, and he smiled back. “So that’s the news. I love you all so much, you are part of my family and will always be. Thank you so much for being always here to support me and my family when we need.”

I opened the camera on my phone. “Cheeeesseee, baby.” I said to Wilmer and we took a beautiful selfie. Wilmer, Isabella and I. I opened the “Twitter” app and posted it. “I know I don’t post any selfie for a long time since my baby bump was showing up and I was still keeping it as a secret, but now it isn’t anymore, so here it goes… a selfie of my little family. I love you! Xoxo.”

“I love you, Demi.” “I love you too, Wilmer.” And we shared a passionately kiss. I deepened it wrapping my arms around his neck. I love that man so much. “And I love you too, my little princess.” He kissed my belly after we pulled away. I love my life, my family, everything. I couldn’t be happier.

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