my friend has just told me demi did the wolfpack thing with the hand during mitusa last night here in sao paulo,brazil! CAN YOU GUYS HEAR ME SCREAMING??????????? OH GOD I CANT WAIT FOR FRIDAY TO FINALLY BE ABLE TO TELL HER ON M&G I LOVE THEM TOGETHER! OH GOSJSKSJKSKSKS I WILL SCREAM DILMER UNTIL I DIE KSSKSKSKS


She like CONFRIMED dilmer tonight. Im fucking HAPPY!!!! :D

My babies <3 yay for more public declarations :)



You say you’ll miss me the most, I say I’ll miss you so much...

"I’m maturing, not changing. I promise."

Baby shopping - Request

I hope you guys like this one. Leave some requests in my inbox, I will write them as soon as possible. Sorry in advance for any mistake. English is not my native language. Thanks for reading.

 “Nena?” I heard that latin voice in my ear, and I instantly  woke up with a big smile on my face. “Good morning, babies.” He said by the time I opened my eyes. “Good morning, daddy.” I said and put my hands on my big belly. He took off the blanket that was covering me and kissed the top of my almost nine months belly. “How are you, baby girl?” He said while kissed it. He loved to talk to her. And I loved that too, because she always calmed down when she heard her daddy’s voice.

“She is happy. She is kicking for you.” I said and took his hands and put on my belly, so he could feel too. “Awww. I love you, baby. I can’t wait to meet you.” He kissed it again, and then kissed my lips. “I love you too, my girl.” We pulled away. “I love you so much, Wilmer.” Tears started rolling down my face. I was so emotional because of the pregnancy. I cried because of everything. And see our little family growing up, my man, my girl inside of me. I was so happy.

“Aww, nena. Don’t cry. If you do, I will cry too.” He said while wiped my tears away. “I’m crying because I’m so happy.” I said and he sat beside me wrapping his big arms around my body and resting his head on my chest. “I’m happy too, Hermosa.” I played with his hair and he kept cuddling my belly.

“So, what are we gonna do today?” He sat up and looked at me with his big brown eyes. “Hmm. What about go shopping? I wanna buy some clothes to her.” He rolled his eyes, but agreed. We went shopping almost every week. She isn’t going to need new clothes until she gets 5 years old. “Ok. So, let’s go.” He said and got off of the bed. He came towards my side of the bed to help to get up. It wasn’t so easy to walk anymore. I put my arms around his neck, while he put his around my waist, and then I got up.

“Take me to the bathroom. I want to take a shower before we go.” He helped to take off my clothes and I let the water fall over my body. “Are you going to stay there looking at me?” I asked looking at him who was sitting on the toilet staring at me. “Yeah. I like this view.” He said and I giggled. “I hate you, Wilmer.” I turned around and took the soap to put over my body. “I know you love me.” He said still looking at me.

“Give me the towel, please?” I asked and he handed me the white towel. “Let me help you.” He wrapped it around my body and took me to the closet. I put some clothes on, and then we were ready to go.


“Look at these little shoes, Demi.” He said while I was looking for some little dresses. “Awww Willy. They are so cute.” I went towards him and hugged him tight. “Why this hug?” He asked while wrapped his strong arms around me and hugged me back. “I don’t know. I just wanted to hug you.” He kissed the top of my head, and we started looking for more clothes.

“Hey, nena. Be careful, there is water on the floor.” He said, and I looked down. “Oh shit, Wilmer!!!! There is water on the floor!!!!!” I screamed and he didn’t understand anything. “Yes, Demi. There is water on the floor. Haven’t you ever seen water?” He giggled. “My own water…NEVER!” I screamed louder, by the time the pain started killing me.

“YOU?????” It didn’t leave one word from his mouth. He was speechless, and didn’t know what to do. “YES! I’M IN LABOUR! OH SHIT!” I put my hands on my belly to try to make her calm down, and sit on the nearest couch. “Nena!!! She is coming!” He was about to cry. It was so cute to see him like that.

“Are you still in pain?” He kneeled and started talking to her trying to calm her down. “Baby girl, just wait some minutes, okay? Don’t make your mommy feel so much pain. We are going to take you out of there.” He kissed it and helped me to get up.

“Are you ready?” He asked when I was already sitting in the car. “I think so.” And then we went towards the hospital to give birth to our little princess, Olivia.